Dark Age of Camelot Interview

Camelot Warcry has conducted an interview with Sanya Thomas, Mythic’s public relations person for Dark Age of Camelot. In it, Sanya answers questions about exploits, the free Frontiers expansion, Trials of Atlantis, and more. Check it out:

Q: Trials of Atlantis also introduces a new graphics upgrade to the game. While those of us who took part in the early days of the Shrouded Isles expansion are familiar with graphics upgrade to our favorite game (I had to say good-bye to my circa 1997 laptop playing DAoC anymore), what can you tell us about the new graphics upgrade so that we can start writing up our Christmas lists now? How does the new engine compare to graphically intense (2nd Generation) (Bleeding Edge) (Anonymous Buzzword) MMOG titles out there?

A: It will compete very nicely. You can see the comparison of old to new on the Trials of Atlantis website. Textures are more subtle and realistic looking. “Gooder.” We are hoping that our players who upgraded their machines to top of the line for Shrouded Isles will not need any sort of upgrade.

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