Dark Age of Camelot Impressions

Woohoo! The impressions are about to roll in. The first of them of the MMORPG in beta 2 right now, Dark Age of Camelot are positive in the extreme. Of course, these are coming from Camelot HQ but still, the writer hinted he was an EQ addict at one point, now converted to the 2nd gen. of MMORPG. Here’s a share:

The game itself is more complex and amazing than I had anticipated, and a lot more fun than any other MMORPG I have played before. Why you may ask? Well here are some of the things that I feel really set DAoC apart from all the rest.

You’ve been teased. Now trip the light fantastic over to Camelot HQ for the complete shakedown.

On a tangent:
After reading such a positive impression of the game, I’m excited. However, one thing that’s been bugging me since I first laid eyes on the game have been… sorry to say, the graphics. Now, they aren’t bad, just seem so mediocre, no originality or flair… but they do enough to get by I think, and maybe that’ll be enough. The gameplay sure sounds promising.

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