Dark Age of Camelot Free DVD

Mythic’s Matt Firor is reporting on the Camelot Herald that you can score a free DVD of the classic Dark Age of Camelot MMORPG in the latest issue of Computer Gaming World. Good stuff, check it out:

The current issue of Computer Gaming World is bundled with a DVD-ROM that includes, among other titles, the “Classic” version of Dark Age of Camelot (the original game, without the retail expansions, but including Foundations). Please be aware that this DVD version is the original game, but with the upgraded Shrouded Isles engine. So, it is functionally equivalent to SI, but does not have the expansion zones or access to create the SI races.

If you are a current Camelot subscriber, and you are playing with the original version of Dark Age of Camelot, you can use the CGW DVD version to upgrade your original Classic Camelot to the SI graphics engine for free. Just install the CGW DVD, and use your existing Camelot username and password to log in. Don’t install it over your existing Camelot directory – instead, first install it into a new directory and program group. After you’ve made sure the new version works well with your hardware, you can uninstall the old version.

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