DAoC: New Frontiers & Catacombs E3 Preview

Warcry has put together a preview of both DAoC: New Frontiers and DAoC: Catacombs, based upon what they saw of the two expansions at E3. Here’s a snip about Catacombs:

The next expansion planned by Mythic Entertainment is Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs. This expansion will consist of at least a few new dungeons, and an impressive graphical upgrade.

When I saw Catacombs being played, the vast amount that DAOC has improved since its initial release two and a half years ago finally hit me. With this expansion come completely redone character figures, classic monsters, and world art. The character’s faces were actually rendered, instead of simply painted on like before. The characters’ chests move when they breathe, and they actually blink as well. A new skeletal structure was created for each character in the game, so no longer will the characters look like statues when they are standing still because they will lead one foot a bit forward, and relax their shoulders a bit.

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