DAoC Inside Reconnaissance

Better even than a monkey trick, you can read a new and quite full preview brought to life from GamesDomain about the MMORPG in beta phase 2, Dark Age of Camelot. Seems the gameplay is winning players over. Here’s an enlightening trinket about the style of gameplay you can expect:

DAoC is, if you must categorise it, a group PvP (Player versus Player) game. Where it differs from other games is in how it intends to implement this. Players from the same Realm (eg. Albion) cannot fight and kill each other — except in potential combat arenas — but are instead pitted against players from the other two Realms. To encourage this interaction (read: slaughter) is the addition of in-game artifacts or “relics” within each of the Realm’s borderlands. Controlling these Relics confers a slight advantage to all players within that Realm; controlling them all gives a more significant advantage. Thus, active raids to capture the oppositions Relics should satisfy anybody’s desire for mayhem and murder… except when you come across mad frenchmen who catapult cows at you, that is.

I tell ya, if the graphics weren’t so tofu style (read bland)…. mmmm, because the gameplay looks solid. It’s not all about glitz and flaire, no, but it’s possible in this day and age to have both. To me I honestly don’t see how EQ’s graphics are worse than DAoC’s, except in terrain. And yeah it’s still really early, who knows, so once they add all the textures it might make a world of difference. Another thing, I haven’t played it so if it’s ultra smooth then it could raise the impression of the graphics a bit more. Time will tell.

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