Cyclopean Character Generator

Iron Tower Studio has released a character generator doohickey for the upcoming (if far-off) Lovecraftian RPG Cyclopean. Read all about it here.

Who is this application for?
This application is for my own testing and game balancing, and for the Hardcomeâ„¢ RPGer who is thrilled by the opportunity to crunch numbers. It is also a one-stop location to preview all available Skills and Traits, and to see how they interact and relate to base stats. For those who aren’t so thrilled with this doodad, rest assured there will be other interactive opportunities in advance of Cyclopean’s eventual release later this century (do not infer that I am not committing to this timeframe).

How does it work?
The application requires Flash Shockwave Player, a freely downloadable plug-in you probably already have. If it does not open in one click, try to Open With Firefox, or other (lame) browser of your choice.

Cyclopean Character Generator mimics the current iteration of stats, skills and traits for a character in Cyclopean. The user starts out at Level 1, chooses a Background or no Background, and may interactively review and purchase stats, skills and traits to evaluate how a character would progress and what he could achieve and when.

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