Corven: Path of Redemption Development Update

Corven: Path of Redemption, an Ultima-inspired open world RPG, has a development update up on the game’s forum. It’s rather short and, apart from a new area screenshot, just lists what the team is working on at the moment:

1.) We are currently working on the winter area of “Lone Wolf Ridge” which also means creating landscape materials, create new post processing settings for that area, and so on.[…]

2.) We are also working on the inventory system, the hotbar, the character window. This also involves the feature that you can combine items in the inventory window (think Adventure games), draging items out of the inventory directly into the world and equipping items.

3.) And finally the island of Iredia is being worked on. No screenshots yet however.

Later in the thread, developers answer the questions that arise about the game’s modified pre-made assets and the location of the snowy area showcased earlier:

Assets: yes they will be in the final version. Even before the project started I knew I want to go for a more realistic look, yes very colorful and high fantasy, but not stylized (especially not cartoony). So this was not a decision being made because it might be more convenient, but because that is how I truly want it to look: realistic, colorful, very detailed. So why, for example, create a new tree just so we have our own tree model, when the ones we can buy and modify already perfectly fulfill the vision, right? There will be more unique models in the future. I planned this after the Kickstarter when we have the money for letting 3D artists create unique models for us. As you said, monsters and other unique lore related models have the highest priority here.

Snow area: Yes it is very far from what you saw in the video, with a vast amount of landscape between them. Almost on opposite ends of the world actually. The snowy region is also higher up, in a mountainous area.

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