Conan Exiles Leaves Early Access

After 15 months of Early Access, Funcom’s survival RPG Conan Exiles is now fully released across the supported platforms. According to the press release we received, over 1 million people bought the game during the Early Access phase and if you’d like to join them, you can grab Conan Exiles from Steam for $39.99 or your regional equivalent, or from the respective Xbox One and PlayStation 4 stores. Check out the official launch trailer to get in the mood for some barbarian action:

And if you’d like to know just how bigger the game is right now compared to its Early Access version, you should check out this post on the official website that features a handy infographic and an open letter from Funcom’s creative director Joel Bylos. Here’s the latter:

Dear Exiles,

On the 25th of January, 2017 we released the CGI trailer for Conan Exiles. In it, Conan himself poses the question – “What will you become?”

It was an obvious call to action for you, the players, but it was also a question hanging over the development team. Here, at the start of our Early Access journey, what was our game going to become?

The day has finally arrived when the answer to that question will be revealed. Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to get Conan Exiles ready for launch and we’re proud of what we have achieved.

And when I say, we, I’m not talking about the development team. I am talking about you, Exiles.

Those of you who suffered through the bugs and issues of Early Access and Game Preview, those of you who constantly gave us feedback and reviews, those of you who stood with us through thick and thin and really gave Conan Exiles the opportunity to grow, to adjust and to become the game that it is today.

To the modders, the streamers, the wiki editors, the youtubers, the exploit hunters and above all, the players – it has been a humbling experience to work with you all. The entire Conan Exiles development team says thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without your passion and fire, Conan Exiles would have emerged from the forge a very different and undoubtedly inferior game.

We’ve learned together, grown together and hopefully, we’ll go on to conquer the world together. And as we pass this milestone in development, the launch of Conan Exiles on PC, Xbox One and PS4, it is time for us to leave the cross behind. To tear the nails from our hands and step forth on the journey that awaits. To see what we have become.

Because, after all, this is only the beginning.

The Exiled Lands await.

Joel Bylos
Creative Director

And if you head on over to Steam, you’ll find the changelog for the launch day patch there.

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