Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role-playing Game – Discount & Price Increase

When Iron Tower Studio launched their Colony Ship RPG into early access, the plan was to gradually increase the game’s price as it became more robust and content-rich. So, with the game getting a new content update earlier this month, we now get this Steam announcement that informs us of an incoming price hike and highlights some of the game’s selling points.

It’s also important to note that between now and July 7, 2022, thanks to Steam’s Summer Sale, you’ll be able to purchase Colony Ship at its old price and a 20% discount on top of it.

Some additional details:

Now that the second chapter of the game is completed, the price will be increased to $29.99 after the summer sale is over. It’s the first price increase out of 3 planned:

Early Access launch (3 locations) – $24.99 ($19.99 on sale right now)
Chapter 2 completed (7 locations) – $29.99
Chapter 3 completed (all 12 locations) – $34.99
Chapter 4 (the endgame), full release – $39.99

Since Colony Ship is now on sale with 20% off, the effective discount (after the price increase) is $10 or its regional equivalent. Now, here’s the million twenty-dollar question:

Should You Buy Colony Ship?

If you played our first game (The Age of Decadence) and liked it, you can buy Colony Ship with confidence:

  • well-crafted setting that’s more than an excuse to kill some things
  • story that doesn’t revolve around saving the world
  • robust character system with 6 stats, 18 skills, feats, implants, and reputation
  • tactical turn-based combat with different attacks, futuristic gadgets, and various grenades
  • branching dialogues full of skill checks and choices
  • multiple ways to handle quests and objectives
  • meaningful choices backed by consequences

If you like Colony Ship’s setting and the story (the store page description), but are not sure about the design, read the negative reviews. What bothered one person might also bother you. Overall, the criticism falls into three categories:

Difficult Combat

Yes, there’s an easy mode (“Hero”), but some people prefer to play on hard (“Underdog”) but want it to be … less hard. But whether hard or easy, Colony Ship’s complex tactical combat is a major part of the game. If you don’t think you’ll like learning the character and combat systems to even the odds (in most encounters you’ll be outgunned and outnumbered), then you should probably find a different game.

Too Much Reading

If you don’t like reading, in games or in general, you will NOT enjoy this game. You can’t skip dialogues and just jump into the next fight. In fact, the game isn’t very actiony and you can avoid all combat with speech skills. The dialogues aren’t voiced as we don’t have the budget for it.

Non-AAA Graphics

Some players didn’t like the graphics and it’s my duty to inform you of this fact. Our team is small, so don’t expect any AAA splendor here.

If you’re willing to overlook the negatives, then board the Ship and we’ll take you on a dystopian adventure of a (very short) lifetime. If not, thank you for reading.

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