City of Villains E3 Previews

Three more sites have dished up previews for NCsoft and Cryptic’s City of Villains, all of which are based on E3 impressions. The first is at GameSpy:

The game looks a bit better than City of Heroes; power effects are without a doubt improved over the original. Cryptic plans to add these graphic enhancements to City of Heroes at some point, but for now the better visuals will only be in the sequel. All in all, it looks like a slam-dunk for fans of the original game. The only potential snafu is the price model. Nothing is set in stone, but if you own City of Heroes you won’t get to play City of Villains for free. There will most likely be an additional monthly fee. (Just how much that is going to be is not yet known.) You won’t need the original game to play City of Villains; it’s a standalone game that just happens to blend itself in with the original. Still, it would be nice if NCSoft could come up with a fair way to reward owners of the original game when deciding to purchase the new one.

The second is at IGN PC:

Bases are also where you’ll store items of power. These items can confer some significant bonuses on your teammates. The only hitch is that possessing one of these bonus items opens you up to raids by other teams, even those that share the same villain or hero status as you. The raid will come according to a schedule that both you and your enemies agree to, giving you a fair chance to defend your new home. Be warned: many objects in your headquarters can be destroyed in these fights. Although you’ll get a discount, you’ll still have to pay to replace them.

And the third is at Boomtown:

City of Heroes taught the developer many design-related things, as it continued to add new areas. For instance, the Striga zone proved to be full of life and interesting experiences. This knowledge has been transferred to City of Villains, which means that something unique happens in every zone. We saw a fort on one of the islands (Fort Hades), where special machines were catching ghosts. As a player, you will have the opportunity to join the ghostbusting, and thus earn XP.

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