City of Heroes Reviews

Two reviews for Cryptic Studios’ newly released City of Heroes have surfaced on the ‘net. The first is at UGO with an overall score of A+:

City of Heroes has done the impossible in my book. I didn’t think a superhero MMORPG would work, but Cryptic has showed a level of savvy and understanding of what an MMORPG is and should be as well as impressive levels of design work to take a the myriad of superhero comic norms from divergent sources and combined them into a cohesive and impressive system. Much like the pen and paper Rift War, City of Heroes is flexible, easy to jump into and, more than anything, tons of fun, regardless of how much time is on your hands. Just hopping in for a minute to jump from rooftop to rooftop or fly around patrolling for crime provides such a neat rush that you will find that minute turn into hours. With planned events, a monthly comic with your subscription that offers some insight into the game world and upcoming or current mysteries and a community system that makes it easy to find a partner, City of Heroes is a great MMORPG to start with if you never done so and for veterans a nice, fun change from grind-centered online titles that feel more like work than play.

And the second is at Gamer’s Pulse with an overall score of 33/50:

Massive character creation tools, diverse city landscapes, powerful abilities and enemies, huge groups of powerful heroes fighting alongside each other and the list goes on and on showing this massively multiplayer game is not like so many out there. City of Heroes is a jewel of a title if you’re seeking casual or hardcore gameplay across a massive scope. Besides, who wouldn’t want to kick some butt as a super hero looked upto by an entire city?

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