City of Heroes Review

Computer Games Romania has published a four-page review of City of Heroes, giving the superhero MMORPG an overall score of 85/100. Here’s why:

I must admit that City of Heroes was a very different experience for me, not unlike any other MMORPG I had previously played, giving me almost no reason to complain. However, I did notice the almost complete lack of a musical score, save for the times when you enter a new zone. Granted, the tracks could have gotten monotonous after a time, but nevertheless, I wouldn’t have minded having some more rhythm in the game. Fortunately, the sound effects are very well done, whether it’s the buzzing and zapping of the heroes super powers or the machine guns and shotguns used by your enemies. Also, the interactivity with the environment is almost non-existent, which might demoralize those who might have wanted to wreak havoc in the city while fighting crime, perhaps using light posts as baseball bats. The NPC behavior can also be a little weird at times, like a policeman walking right by a person who is getting mugged and doing nothing, but these are minor flaws that can be ignored in the long run. However, the overall quality of the game cannot be denied, and if you’re a comic book fan, or like MMORPG’s, or both, you owe it to yourself to see what City of Heroes is all about. And if you like the game and decide to keep playing, I’ll be waiting for you at the Colloseum, to see who’s the best hero of Paragon City.

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