City of Heroes Interview

GameZone Online has conducted an interview with Cryptic Studios’ Michael Lewis about their upcoming superhero MMORPG, City of Heroes. A snippet to follow:

Q: How will players band together? Will this be akin to the standard allegiances of other games, or are you treading new territory? What will be the advantages of being in such a group?

A: We’ve got a few systems for teaming up. A Team is a temporary alliance, useful for helping out with tougher missions or simply playing with friends . and although solo play is totally do-able, everyone agrees that Team-ups are way more fun! A Supergroup is a permanent organization, useful for communication with larger groups of players. And finally, Task Forces are like persistent Teams that are required to complete certain story arcs . these can be members of your Supergroup, or others, but once you start a Task Force, you can’t add people to it.

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