City of Heroes First Impressions

HomeLan Fed and IGN PC have both tossed up some first impressions of Cryptic Studios’ City of Heroes now that the superhero MMORPG has hit store shelves. Here’s a snippet from HomeLan Fed’s article:

Graphically, City of Heroes stands among the highest in the MMORPG genre with vast and detailed cityscapes, well designed enemy monsters and of course the vast amounts of hero designs you can have. There have been some complaints of not enough of an economy system in the game nor is there a crafting system but to tell you the truth the only thing this game is really missing for me is player vs player combat and we hope Cryptic Studios gets a free upgrade to get at least some (friendly) arena style combat for the players.

And a snip from IGN PC’s article:

There’re a lot of things to like about this game and it’s sure to bring in some fans that wouldn’t normally be interested in an MMO. There is still a lot for me to experience in the game, including some planned events such as the Rikti invasion that signaled the end of the beta testing period. Cryptic obviously cares about their game and presenting an interesting experience to players. I just have to sink some more hours into the game and climb up that level ladder to see if the game stays as exciting and fresh as I hope that it aims to be.

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