Chrono Trigger DS Preview

WorthPlaying has whipped up an enthusiastic preview of Square Enix’s upcoming Nintendo DS version of Chrono Trigger.

With all this talk about what’s has remained the same, what has been done to enhance Chrono Trigger DS? The gameplay is still the same, but it utilizes some of the touch-screen features of the DS. You can move the protagonist, Crono, with either the d-pad or the stylus to indicate the direction in which you want him to travel. All of the action occurs on the top screen, but the bottom screen serves as all of your menus. You can still play the game in the traditional way by pressing the X button to open up your menus, and there are also some nifty icons config, item, status, etc. on the touch-screen that open specific parts of the menu. Also on the touch screen is a map, which appears mostly hidden but will reveal more of the area as you explore.

Like the field commands, you can use either the face buttons or the touch-screen to input battle commands. Since I prefer precise commands, I chose to use the buttons instead. A couple of minor features are the inclusion of two bars that appear above each character’s head. One bar displays his health, and the other displays the progress of the active time bar that determines when a character can take a turn.

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