Champions Online Q&A

GamingShogun was able to corner Champions Online lead designer Randy Mosiondz for a nine-question Q&A about the superhero-themed MMORPG.

Q) Obviously, people will compare Champions Online to NC Soft’s City of Heroes considering it is the other well-known super hero MMO out there and Cryptic’s involvement in that production. What will the Champions Online experience offer gamers that City of Heroes does not?

A) City of Heroes is a fine game that we’re proud to have developed, but we wanted to do things differently for Champions Online. Cryptic has learned a lot about MMO development over the years and we’ve incorporated that experience into Champions Online. We’ve re-built our Cryptic Engine to allow it more flexibility with zones, critters, powers, missions, etc. We’re offering even more points of customization for characters both visual and functional, including open selection of powers (no classes). We’re offering a more action-oriented type of combat system where players constantly move and react. We’re offering a world full of diverse environments ranging from deserts to frozen tundra, from underwater to outer space, with lots of varied custom mission content in each of these areas. Overall, Champions Online is a very different experience.

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