Champions Online Interview

The guys at have published a somewhat generic interview with Champions Online lead designer Randy Mosiondz.

OCMS: How will players gain experience and level and how will you address level grinding problems?

RM: Players gain experience by defeating enemies, completing missions and other achievements, and exploring the world. We’ve got a fairly fast level progression and we’re trying to vary the world and player tasks enough so players get more personally involved in the game.

OCMS: How are missions assigned in the game and what sort of missions will players face. What enemies will players encounter?

RM: Missions are delivered in a number of ways with a mix of traditional and exploratory methods. There are mission contacts spread throughout the world to provide a bit of guidance to where you are, what’s going on in the area, etc. Then you have the (discovery) type missions where you explore the world to find wrongs that need righting. You might find a ringing cell phone you can answer that has a frightened kidnap victim on the other end, or you might come across an alien force on a hostile island and try to thwart their invasion plans.

As for the enemies, you have a VERY wide range. Violent gangs and cultists are running loose in Millennium City. VIPER is an evil organization bent on world domination and has its hands in plots around the world. Different alien races have plans to invade earth and subjugate humanity. And of course there are a rogue’s gallery of super-villains have nefarious plans heroes need to thwart. You won’t be running short of different enemies to fight!

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