Champions Online Interview

Games Industry News has cranked out a quick interview with Champions Online producer Chris Lena.

GiN: Looking at the available screenshots and trailers, ‘˜Champions’ seems to have an almost cel-shaded style to it. Is ‘˜Champions’ consciously going for a more comic book look and feel and if so how is this going to explored in the game?

Lena: We call the look comic-shading. We have the black outline but we still maintain detailed textures within that outline which is much different than you see in cel-shaded games. This combination gives us the feeling of being in a comic book but is still detailed enough to keep a players interest over long periods of time. We are already finding interesting ways of using this motif. One example we are playing with is having the color drain out as you reach the edges of the zones to simulate getting to the edge of a comic.

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