Champions Online First View

RPG Vault’s latest first view feature offers some commendations, reservations, and reflections for Cryptic Studios’ Champions Online.

The superhero theme seems more now popular than ever before, and no one is more familiar with adapting the genre for the online space than the studio’s principals. Champions provides a rich background to build upon. Cryptic bought the property, so there should be no issues making the game completely true to its universe, lore, characters, organizations and storylines. The team is promising an exceptional degree of character customization encompassing archetypes, powers and of course, physical appearance. The enemies we’ll battle will also exhibit great diversity, from scientific mastermind Teleios to the robot Mechanon, dark magic user Takofanes and more. The visuals are certainly attractive, and the pace of play, while possibly still subject to adjustment and only based on limited hands-on time, feels quite quick but not excessively so.

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