Champions of Norrath Reviews

Another positive pair of reviews have surfaced for Sony and Snowblind’s Champions of Norrath. The first is at The Adrenaline Vault with an overall score of 4.5/5:

Prettier, deeper, lengthier, and more challenging than any other dungeon crawler out there, Champions of Norrath is the definitive game for hack-n-slash aficionados. Rarely is a title capable of sustaining the player’s enthusiasm from beginning to end and still leave them wanting more. Plus, the supremely addictive off and online cooperative modes are simply icing on the cake. The bizarre visual glitches may be a thorn in the paw, but it’s nowhere near enough to take down this beast from Snowblind.

And the second is over at GamingWorld X with an overall score of 9.4/10:

A few significant bugs aside, Champions of Norrath is one of the top games on the PlayStation 2, and is by far, the pinnacle of the action/RPG subgenre. The disc is packed full with content that easily eclipses that of most other games, and its all grade-A quality from beginning to end. The game supports up to four players either online or off, and the randomly-generated content, from the vividly-detailed levels to the 10,000-plus items and random enemy placement, help make Champions of Norrath one of the most replayable games on the market. Only the dual-layer DVD bugs tarnish the experience enough to bring the score down. But even with these annoyances, the game is still phenomenal; so much so that people who wouldn’t normally like this type of game may find themselves getting hooked. It’d be criminal to let this game pass you by. Champions of Norrath kicks some serious ass.

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