Champions of Norrath Review

LoadedInc has posted a review of Champions of Norrath, giving the PS2 action RPG an overall score of 8/10. Their conclusion to follow:

If working all by your lonesome doesn’t sound good then you have plenty of options in Norrath. You can play the co-op mode, essentially single player but with more people, with an extra controller or you can battle it out with people online but must have access to broadband. Both online and offline co-op modes are essentially the same. The main difference is that offline you must all share the same screen which limits how far away you can walk or in some cases run away from something. This limit isn’t there online and each person can go in their own direction without having to share the same screen space.

All things considered, Champions of Norrath is an excellent RPG. There are a few bugs that should have been ironed out pre-release but nothing significant enough to take away from the core gameplay. This hack-n-slash is a must have for any RPG lover.

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