Champions of Norrath Review

Gamer’s Hell has posted a review of Champions of Norrath, giving the PS2 action RPG an overall score of 9/10. Their conclusion to follow:

The storyline for CoN really carries the game. A lot of time and effort was put into making sure that a good strong continuous game was played. The player does not feel disjointed by going into a new zone or another act. It is all tied in very well. You will be kept guessing at what is really going on as you are given new teasers. It’s an enjoyable treat to follow through the storyline to see what will happen next. The graphics are good and the audio is fantastic! Having the ability to multiplayer in this game really gives it depth and the added fun of sharing it with your friends. I played this game until I thought my thumbs were going to bleed and I loved every minute of it! Not once did I experience the vegetable state that a lot of other slash and hack games bring me to. I’ve already recommended it to all of my friends and anyone who will listen. This game definitely gets a solid 9 out of 10.

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