Champions of Norrath Preview

GameSpot has put together a preview of Champions of Norrath, detailing the multiplayer aspect of the action RPG. A snippet, as usual:

Champions of Norrath is due for release in just one week, so you PS2-owning adventurers who are eager to get your quest on won’t have much longer to wait. Thankfully, we’ll finally have a multiplayer game, in the same vein as Diablo and Dark Alliance, that doesn’t require multiple people to physically assemble for a good cooperative experience. The biggest question now is how online play and etiquette will evolve after the game’s release. Considering the ease of setting up a public game and playing with strangers, it seems like there’s some potential for poorly mannered players to abuse their more trusting cohorts by stealing items and gold and otherwise being annoying. Hopefully players will respect the game and their teammates and will maintain the enjoyment for everyone. Look for a full review of Champions of Norrath next week.

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