Champions of Norrath Preview

GamesDomain has written up a preview of Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest, the upcoming PS2 RPG being developed by Snowblind Studios. A snippet to follow:

Even in a game with this kind of environmental detail, it would still be a little sad to have to play by oneself, wouldn’t it? The best news of all is that Champions of Norrath will offer online play, so that up to four adventure party members can band together for some monster hunting. Or, depending upon your Thrift attribute rating, you might think the very best news is that all this online goodness will be available with no monthly subscription charges, either. (Are we certain this is an Everquest title after all?) Now all you have to worry about is somehow winding up “married” to an online friend whose name — or indeed, gender — you don’t precisely know.

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