Champions of Norrath Pile-On

GameSpy is running another “Pile-On!” feature, in which several editors provide their personal opinions of Sony’s Champions of Norrath. Here is what one of the editors had to say:

Despite its flaws, Norrath is the king of the latest crop of action-RPG titles. Like I said before, it’s tighter than BGDA II and has more extensive multiplayer options. It’s also superior to Atari’s D&D Heroes over on Xbox. There are two reasons I didn’t mark out for the game like I did with the original BGDA. First, we’ve seen numerous examples of this style of gameplay, so it’s not as fresh as it was in 2001. Second, I’m such a Salvatore fanboy that playing a game as Drizz’t is one of my all-time gaming highlights. Still, I’m pleased that Snowblind is continuing to build on the work it started with BGDA. While the online stuff has its problems, at least someone is attempting to bring this genre to the Internet. All told, it’s an entertaining game that many will enjoy now, but also gives a glimpse of things to come. I can’t wait until Snowblind busts out a new engine and some new game mechanics that were meant for the Internet from day one. I’ve no doubt it’ll happen, and I’m pretty sure Snowblind will be leading the pack once again.

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