Champions of Norrath Interview

HomeLan Fed has conducted an interview with Sony Online’s Rich Lawrence, executive director of product development for the upcoming Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest. An excerpt to follow:

Q: What sort of locations and settings will the game take place in and will there be any locations familiar to EverQuest players?

A: Yes, there will be quite a few locations that are familiar to long time EverQuest players. It’s really interested to see areas that we know well, like Kelethin or a particular Plane, only from a different perspective and a totally new “look”. We wanted to the game play to be very reminiscent of how players originally worked through the world of the EverQuest PC, in that they start out in a common beginning area (Kelethin), and move on to one of the great Planes of power towards the end of the game. In between are many areas that will be both familiar and completely new to players of the existing PC game.

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