Camelot v1.63D Patch Notes

Here’s a full rip from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.63d Release Notes

Monday, July 7, 2003



– When trying to use the “/housefriend” command in a non-housing zone, you now get an appropriate message that the command can only be used in a housing zone.

– Under some circumstances, level 1 houses would not charge money for external upgrades (roof materials, doors, etc.). This has been fixed.

– There was an issue on Gaheris (the co-op server) where “alt” characters who attempted to purchase a lot would be charged for the lot but would not be given the deed. This situation happened when that account had another character who was already a homeowner and who made that house a guild house. This bug has been fixed.

– We fixed a bug where if you attempted to purchase an item from a consignment vendor and dropped that item directly onto your “paper doll” interface (instead of simply clicking the ‘buy’ button), the item would be purchased, but would delete an item in your inventory.

– There was a bug that prevented the withdrawal of money from a consigment merchant if that merchant had more than 200 plat. This has been fixed. The merchant will give you enough plat such that you have 200 total and will hold onto the rest.

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