Camelot Patch Notes

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.69e Release Notes

March 18, 2004



– Client performance caused by spell effects, encountering new players/monsters, and large battles should be greatly improved, especially on Windows XP systems. Users who have previously set their clients to use “NT4 Compatibility Mode” should no longer do so with 1.69 – this client version should have similar or better performance than enabling this flag.

– Right clicking on a Combat Style icon will now display the name of the Previous Style requirement if there is one (before, it would simply show that there was a previous style required).

– We have added slash commands for “/bonuses” and “/journal” – these commands do the same thing as if you had clicked on the respective buttons on the Command Window.

– Endurance drain spells now report, “Your target’s stamina wavers!” to the caster/proc beneficiary.

– (ToA Only) The Vault has been changed to optionally have a “Page Mode” where you can view only items on a certain page, for those players who like to organize their personal and house vaults by pages.

– Fixed an issue where spamming a key bound to a quickbar macro could make the macro (such as /qbar) fire incorrectly.

– The text of a macro will no longer be added to the list of previously entered commands (accessed by pressing “Shift-Up”).

– (Pendragon Only) Players will no longer lose experience when killed by enemy realm guards.

– (Pendragon Only) The Market Explorer will now correctly return the proper number of items on each page for the search results.

– (Pendragon Only) Players will no longer lose their guild tags for newly formed guilds when leaving the zone the guild was created in.

– (Pendragon Only) Spells will no longer do damage to dead players.


– New Events: QuiverDump


Based on Pendragon testing feedback, we have made some changes to how buff shearing works.

– We have removed the lowest tier of buff shearing spells. This leaves two tiers, a single target version and an area effect version. Both of these versions will be able to strip buffs regardless of level.

– We have changed the casting time of the cleric version of buff shearing spells to make it consistent with the druid version.

– The damage component of the Cleric and Shaman versions of the Strength/Constitution and Constitution shears has been removed.

– The damage component of the Druid version of the Strength/Constitution and Constitution shears has been halved.


Buffing Class Changes

– Focus Shell spells have been added to the buffing lines of Druids, Shaman, and Clerics. These spells, which can be cast on others as well as oneself, absorb a significant amount of damage from all sources. The caster of the spell will have power drained as the focus shell is held in place, and the shell will drop if the caster moves or takes any other action. The recipient of the focus shell will not be able to take any action or use any ability, including attacking or healing, while the focus shell is up without causing the shell to fail. The recipient of the focus shell (if other than the caster) will be able to move without the shell breaking, provided they remain within a 2000 unit range of the focus shell caster and maintains line of sight. The shell will only protect against realm enemies.

Shaman – Augmentation Spec Line
41 Spirit Shell (Absorbs 70%)

Cleric – Enhancement Spec Line
46 Hand of God (Absorbs 85%)

Druid – Nurture Spec Line
47 Nature’s Cocoon (Absorbs 90%)


– Hunters may now attempt to find hidden enemies who have just killed one of their Realmmates via a new ability called “Call of the Hounds”. To activate this new ability, the body of your Realmmate must first be selected. Then, six hounds are “called” that will sniff their way to any nearby enemies (stealthed or not). The hounds move at a very slow speed, but should they somehow catch up to a stealther, they will not attack but will bark incessantly instead. If there are no nearby enemies when this ability is used, no hounds will be summoned.

Hunter – Beastcraft Spec Line
30 Call of the Hounds


Hibernia Quests

– A rumor has recently been spreading through Hibernia that a cursed lute has surfaced and is causing problems. Kyle, the Healer in Ceannai, could use some help with this problem. If you are at least level 12, seek out Kyle if you can help him.


Item Notes

– The Bracer of Sepulchral Light (Albion) now has a power regen charge instead of an acuity buff charge.

– The Sepulchral Bardiche (Albion) will now drop with the correct material and dps values.


Oceanus Encounters

– Zahur and his minions will now correctly return to their spawn point after combat is over.

Item Notes

– Delve information has been added to the arrows summoned by the Braggart’s Bow and Mariasha’s Sharkskin gloves to indicate their bonuses.

– Items with Damage or Range bonuses that use a “vs. monster” requirement are now effective against several types of monsters.

– The Legs of the Subjugator (Albion) now have the correct reinforced icon instead of a plate icon.


– Brisworthy (Albion) – There is now a horse route from Lucearak to Morgealaine.

– Meath (Hibernia) – There are now horse routes that run between the following sets of NPCs: Kennet and Erie, Kennet and Ainslee, Ainslee and Cintusmus, Tomin and Cintusmus.

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