Camelot Patch Notes

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.69d Release Notes

March 15, 2004



– We have added the /gc logins command. This command will toggle a flag on your character which will send a text message informing you whenever a member of your guild (who isn’t anonymous) logs on or off.

– Player Market searches now return the first four letters of the zone name that the house’s merchant is in (i.e. “Caer: Setian Ear” instead of “Setian Ear”).

– Attempting to trade a no-trade item will automatically set the repair flag for the recipient of the trade. If the target can’t repair the item or removes the repair status, any no-trade item will be removed from the trade.

– Any member of a public chat or battle group can now invite other players to join.

– (Pendragon Only) Animist bomber pets no longer count towards their summoning limits when summoning other pets.

– Enemy realm targeted spells can now be cast on targets you’re dueling.

– Point blank area of effect spells no longer fail if the caster has an object targeted.

– (Pendragon Only) Follow-up pulses should no longer show the spell graphic.

– The Jerkin of Withering now reports endurance loss properly to the target.

– (Pendragon Only) Players that have been shape changed by the Shades of Mist or Traitor’s Dagger artifacts will no longer display weapons, shields, or instruments.

– Quality and Condition have been added to shield chat delves.

– Speed has been added to weapon and shield full delves.

– (Pendragon Only) The delve for the new Animist reclaim spell has been modified to no longer indicate that power was returned when the spell was cast. This spell was not intended to return power from reclaiming turrets.

– Right clicking on a Combat Style icon will now display the name of the Previous Style requirement if there is one (before, it would simply show that there was a previous style required).

– When you successfully stick/follow/face someone, Run Lock will be automatically disabled so it does not kick back in after the target is no longer valid to follow (such as after the target player/monster dies).

– If you attempt to stick/follow/face someone and it fails, you will no longer stop following your previous target.

– (ToA Only) A “Quiver” button has been added to the Combat Style page to allow you to bring up your quiver (instead of typing /quiver).

– (Pendragon Only) We have reset the character copier to allow players who have already copied a character to Pendragon for version 1.69 to do so again. Character copy instructions can be found at


– The skill check for salvaging cloth items has been changed to Clothworking rather than Tailoring.

– Tailoring (Midgard) – Frisia will now let the appropriate classes become tailors. In fixing the problem with Frisia, it was discovered a bug that was stopping Hunters from becoming Tailors. We have fixed the problem now. Happy stitching!

– (Pendragon Only) Changed some of the new Unique dye names and their corresponding recipe names to better reflect their color.


– New Events: ToggleQuiver


– Village ambient sounds have been added to the towns and villages across the realms.


Item Notes

– The Huleskygge bracer (Midgard) now has a power regen charge instead of an acuity buff charge.

– The Sublime Summoner Bracer (Hibernia) now uses charges instead of a weapon proc. Unfortunately players will need to recharge the shield before it can be used.



– The Naxos tetrarch will no longer continue to snare players after they die and release.

Quests – General

– Traveler Peter will now correctly give out information about Stygian quests.

Artifacts and Researchers

– Reavers are now able to receive the activated version of the Scepter of the Meritorious.

Crocodile’s Tooth (Midgard)

– Savages now have the choice of activating the Crocodile’s Tooth as a hand to hand weapon in addition to their other choices of sword, axe, and hammer. Savages that wish to have a hand to hand version should return to Loremasters Trygve or Joakim to exchange their weapon. Please note any levels or experience your Crocodile’s Tooth has gained will be lost when it is traded in for the hand to hand version.

Artifact Notes

– The Snakecharmer’s Whip has been changed to 3.5 speed in response to player feedback. This is a retroactive change.

– The Crocodile’s Tooth is now available as a Hand to Hand weapon. Please see the Quest section for further details.

– The Albion version of the Dream Sphere should now correctly gain experience in Aldland.

– (Pendragon only) The Crocodile Tear Ring should once again correctly display bonus, condition, durability and quality in the right-click mini delve window.

Item Notes

– The Inscribed Stone, 3 of 3 scroll was previously dropped from mobs that were very rare spawns. The scroll will now drop from the following mobs: Melos Guardsman, Melos defender, Melos weapon master, Melos frenzied blade. The information provided by Apprentice Yian, Apprentice Garrad, and Apprentice Aegan has been updated.

– The bonus to Parry Skill on the Abstrusus Gantelet (Hibernia) has been changed to a Score Cap Charisma bonus.

– The leather version of the Shadow-bound Leggings (Albion) should now have the appropriate leather inventory icon. In addition, the leather version of the Shadow-bound Leggings will no longer drop, as there is also another set of leather legs with identical magical bonuses from that encounter. Instead, there will now be a studded version of the Shadow-bound Leggings that has a chance to drop.

– The particle effect on Kul’s Iron-tipped Whip (Albion) has been changed to one that fits the weapon better.


– Players who use their personal house teleporters to get to Atlantis will now be transported to the Oceanus Haven zone, in front of the djinn stone.

– A new horse route has been added to Midgard housing. Jorund now sells tickets to Yili in the Frisia Marketplace.

Trials of Atlantis Trophies

– We have added trophies for the following Trials of Atlantis creatures: Ora, Sinovia, Gilia, Naxos Tidal Lord, Melos Wave Master, Skyros Dreadnaught, Hallea, Kosma, Zoea, Chissisi, Daehien, Yefeu, Tutankhsekhmet, Mesedsubastet, Qebehsenuef, Pallida-Uraei, Andranchos Xuthos, Samut, Keres, Kleps, Klops, Razorfin, and Vanol. Players can speak to the following NPCs in the housing zones to create the new trophies.

Albion – Ectant Dinailaine, Ilphrae Dinailaine, Jhanva Dinailaine, Airyn Dinailaine, or Ybaedric Dinailaine

Midgard – Frolder, Warmir, Hudi, Thieya, or Aenda

Hibernia – Sannan, Sabrea, Sionyn, Sadoc, or Sioned

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