Camelot Patch Notes

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.68b Release Notes

February 26, 2004



– Some users were experiencing pauses in open field RVR combat with our initial optimization patch, as well as some texture flickering. We have removed the problematic optimizations from the live client patch while we continue to look into this.

Majestic Will Changes

As you know, the documentation for the Majestic Will realm ability says that it gives the user a bonus to hit 5% per level, and up to three levels. So, technically, at its best, Majestic Will should have been granting a bonus of 15%.

Players who have been blowing away epic monsters, however, know that the actual granted bonus is much higher. We’ve always tracked how often the epic monsters and dragons die, and the rate is fast increasing. So, we need to make Majestic Will reflect its listed documentation immediately.

– Majestic Will has had its timer reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. This change is already on live servers as of February 24, 2004.

– The Augmented Acuity III pre-requisite for Majestic Will has been removed.

– There will remain three levels of Majestic Will. Unfortunately, we didn’t foresee some of the technical difficulties involved in making our first 5 level *active* realm ability. (All the other “five level” RAs are passive abilities.) Since this will involve more testing than we can accomplish in an evening, we’ve decided to keep Majestic Will at three levels for now (but at the costs we promised on February 24). We will revisit Majestic Will along with all the other Realm Abilities during the RA review that will occur in New Frontiers.

– Cost per level will be: Level I – 1 point, Level II – 3 points, Level III – 6 points.

– All costs and bonuses are cumulative; meaning that Majestic Will III will cost 10 realm ability points and give a 15% bonus against spell resists.

Majestic Will Refund

– Players that have previously purchased Majestic Will now have the realm ability removed from their characters and their realm skill points refunded.


Shield of Khaos (Midgard and Hibernia)

– We have fixed a bug with the researchers giving out the Shield of Khaos to Thanes and Champions. Since the Shield of Khaos is a large shield, these classes should not have been able to activate it, but they were. Thanes and Champions will no longer be able to activate the Shield of Khaos. Thanes and Champions that have already activated the shield may return it to the following researchers and exchange it for the completed Shield of Khaos Book and locked artifact. These items may then be traded or sold to other players.

Midgard – Loremaster Pahr or Loremaster Sverrir

Hibernia – Sage Mareva or Sage Tiernan

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