Camelot Patch Notes

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.68c Release Notes

February 5, 2004



– Direct damage (including PBAOE) spells cast by a pet now report whether they hit or are resisted, and how much damage they do, to their owner.

– Pets that cast buffs on group members now begin from a random point in the group when buffing instead of always beginning with the first group member.

– Duration effects (such as debuffs) cast by casters, necromancer pets, or animist bombers outside of /say range (512 units) now also report the effect directly to the caster.

– The Briar Burst line of Animist pet-cast PBAOE spells now take into account the Animist’s specialization and acuity (intelligence) stat.

– Animist Fire and Forget turrets no longer try to target invisible monsters.

– Animist bomber pets now gain the benefit of ToA item bonuses for spell damage and archmagery.

– When summoning Animist turrets, the spell will now attempt to summon the turret correctly on the ground if the turret would be in an illegal location.

– The Animist’s Fire and Forget root turrets, as well as their root bombers, should now behave correctly when used against monsters that are already rooted, or monsters that were rooted within a minute of firing the bomber.

– The Thane’s direct damage line – beginning with Thor’s Minor Bolt and ending with Thor’s Full Lightning – has had its damage increased.

– Non list casters who have Wild Power will now correctly have a chance to critical hit on DD spells. Note, non list casters still do not receive the additional base chance that list casters have.

– AE spells that are cast while above water will not cast on targets under water and vice versa.

– Fixed body/spirit/energy and heat/matter/cold combo resist buff delves.

– Graphical effects from radius effect spells will no longer be sent out to third parties in the area if there are more than 40 players around who would receive it. This is to cut down the general amount of graphical spam in the area. The caster and target of a spell should still always see the effect properly.

– (Pendragon Only) Shields delved to the chat window now report the shield’s size.

– Damage converted via the level 6 Crocodile’s Tear Ring ability will now update the player’s power and endurance bars.

– (Pendragon Only) Standard and pulsing spells which have a radius effect and a maximum number of targets which they can affect (this includes the Crocodile’s Tear Ring) will now always cast on the closest valid targets rather than choosing a random selection within the spell’s radius.

– Basic Stealth Lore, Stealth Lore, and Greater Stealth Lore have had their durations reduced to 30, 60, and 90 seconds respectively. The bonus to stealth detection granted by these abilities has also been moderately increased. The intent is to make these bonuses very effective in helping to find enemy stealthers in specific situations (for example, after an enemy stealther has killed several realmmates in an area). Currently, the bonus granted is too low with such a long duration that it’s basically (always on.)

– The /bg groups command will now list level, class, and zone of soloers in the battlegroup.

– The /bg who will now list level, class, and zone.

– We have added a new /bg groupclass command to see the class makeup of each of the groups in the battlegroup.

– /ignore will now work in battlegroups, and with item chat delving.

– (Pendragon Only) Volley and Longshot will now both work using quiver slots.

– (Pendragon Only) The /fdistance command now works in a range of 0 to 4000 units.

– (Pendragon Only) The Holding Breath status box will now disappear when a breath spell is used.

– We have made improvements in framerate in large-player situations and optimized the performance when first encountering large groups of players.


– Prescience Nodes no longer send a “You cannot attack this target” message to their caster when the caster has another storm spell within range.

– Dissonating Ward should now have the correct recast time of 5 minutes.

– Convoker Master Level Ability 1, ‘Summon Wood’, will no longer summon elm wood boards. The percentage chance of summoning each wood type has changed as well. While Oak wood boards will now have the highest likelihood of being summoned, the Convoker will have a chance of receiving higher quality wood (up to and including duskwood).

– The following ML abilities will only work on enemy realm targets or affect attacks from enemy realm targets (enemy players or controlled pets): Chaotic Power, Leadership, Phase Shift.

– Grappled targets can no longer be attacked in melee. Additionally, Grapple now correctly stuns the caster for 12 seconds. This fixes a bug that allowed the caster doing the grappling to continue casting other spells.

– The Stormlord master ability, Focusing Winds, now has delve information.

– The Battlewarder ability will now summon a Battlewarder monster that always double hits. Additionally, the Battlewarder can no longer attack any non realm associated monsters, even if they are being attacked by such monsters.

– Zone of Unmana, Inexorable Defeat and Snaring Tendrils of Power should all now share the same recast timer.

– Primal Agony, Tactical Insight and Demoralization should all now share the same recast timer.

– Oppression, Chaotic Power and Agony Transmission should all now share the same recast timer.

– Resillient Will, Guided Strike and Cleansing Aura should all now share the same recast timer.

– Energizing Aura and Defending Martyr should both now share the same recast timer.

– Sphere of Rejuvenation, Font of Power, Determination Field and Dissonating Ward should all now share the same recast timer.

– Leaping Health and Restore the Soul should both now share the same recast timer.

– Dazzling Array, Enervating Gas, Inebriating Fumes, Mental Siphon, Sense Dulling Cloud and Energy Tempest should all now share the same recast timer.

– Tanglesnare and Poisonspike should both now share the same recast timer.


Item Notes

– (Midgard) The Lashed Web Hauberk’s salvage value has been increased.

– (Hibernia) The Loyalist’s Scalemail Hauberk and Leggings have been slightly renamed to be consistent with the rest of the armor set.

– Snow vendos in Dodens Gruva should no longer drop low level weapons for Albion players.


Quests – General

– Players who became stuck on step 18 of ‘A Daughter’s Journey’ should now be able to read their journal to see which keyword they need to say to advance their quest.

– Oktava, the starting NPC for ‘A Daughter’s Journey’ in Midgard has been changed into a Kobold.

General Monsters

– Rock Giant Shamans now have a higher chance to continue casting while being attacked.

– Melos Harpers are now charmable.

Stygia Monsters

– Setian Desert Scouts should now correctly attempt to enter melee combat when interrupted.

Oceanus Encounters

– Triton treasure hunters are no longer charmable.

– The spell, “Weight of Atlantis”, now has a small damage component. This will cause players picking up the Heavy Strongbox to take damage and be brought into combat mode, losing benefits such as stealth and speedsong.

– The shark, Razorfin, for the Alvarus’ Leggings encounter should now spawn more frequently.

– Sunkaio in Trial 1.1, “Lucky Survivor”, would incorrectly deathblow some players participating in the encounter. This has been fixed.

– The Raging Tornado had a slight problem in its growth progress. This has been repaired and it is now alive and well.

– Players who have the Belt of the Sun or Moon key and did not pick up the belt from the pedestal can return to the islands from which they obtained it. As long as the Belt of the Sun or Moon is not spawned you will be able to “USE” your key and receive the Belt of the Sun or Moon and credit for the respective encounter.

Stygia Encounters

– Some of the Iaculus in the Stygia zones were incorrectly set to have no aggression, this has been fixed.

– Jamaluddin the Dao will now properly drop the Gem of Absorption upon death.

– Fortress of Storms has had its difficulty reduced. We have lowered the total amount of monsters across the board needed to be defeated to complete this encounter.

Volcanus Encounters

– Encounter 6.1 has been given a new quest name. Rather than completing the ‘Rare Snake Quest’, you will now complete the ‘Hunt for the Haje-Uraei’.

Aerus Encounters

– Kratos has had his roaming area drastically reduced. He should now only roam the general area where he spawns.

– The alternate ending to the Cyclops’ Eye encounter has been slightly modified. Where an entire group of Cyclops would previously charge Kertom under certain conditions, now only one brave Cyclops will.

– Cyclops’ Eye – A bug has been found and fixed that prevented players from receiving quest credit in some cases when defeating either Kleps or Klops to obtain the Cyclops’ Eye Shield.

Sobekite Eternal

– Both Chath’s Knight and the player Knight have been modified slightly to have an option for the Diamondback taunting style instead of the Boomslang detaunt style.

Temple of Twilight

– The Gremna Eel Stomach should now be easier to obtain. The Gremna Eel’s will spawn more frequently and they now have a higher chance to drop the stomach.

– Triton Shamans and Moughart will now award standard master level experience when killed.

– Sinovia has been given a ranged Damage Over Time attack to combat targets out of melee combat.

– It should now be easier for players to reach the pregnant cobra area of the dungeon. The amount of monsters that need to be killed to reach this area have been reduced.

Traitor’s Dagger and Crocodile’s Tooth Dagger (Midgard)

– (Midgard) We have added axe versions of both the Traitor’s Dagger and the Crocodile’s Tooth Dagger. Midgard players will now be given a choice of activating these artifacts as a sword weapon or an axe weapon. For players that have already activated either of these artifacts, they may exchange their sword version for an axe version of the artifact. Please note that any levels/experience the artifact has gained will be lost when it is traded in.

– Loremistress Tyraa and Loremaster Torolf will perform the trade-in for the Traitor’s Dagger. Loremaster Trygve and Loremaster Joakim will perform the trade-in for the Crocodile’s Tooth Dagger.

Maddening Scalars Gloves (Midgard)

– We are aware of the fact that some Berserkers and Savages received 0 con/70 dur Gloves when they traded their chain version of the Maddening Scalars Gloves in for studded ones. To help fix the problem, we have set up another trade-in for these two classes. Berserkers and Savages with the bugged Maddening Scalars should return to Loremistress Hetha or Loremistress Marga to exchange their Gloves. This exchange may only be done once and any artifact levels/experience gained with the Gloves will be lost. Players activating the Gloves with this patch will not be able to trade in their gloves later on.

Artifact Notes

– Weary Explorers now have the correct faction settings to allow Kalare’s Necklace to gain experience off of hunting them. Additionally, Kalare’s Necklace can now earn experience from the following monsters: Lethos the Unifier, Advisor Timanthes, Advisor Zarlanthus, Advisor Gyges, and Advisor Anzelm.

– The Dream Sphere artifact (all 3 realms) has been changed so that it now levels on any mobs killed in ANY Shrouded Isles zone at night.

– The Dream Sphere’s self only shapechange spell will no longer be overwritten by the group version.

– The weapons summoned by the Belt of the Sun will now be lost when the player logs out or dies during nighttime. The weapons will remain if the player dies during the daytime or zones to a new area.

– The weapons summoned by the Belt of the Moon will now be lost when the player logs out or dies during daytime. The weapons will remain if the player dies during the nighttime or zones to a new area.

– The accuracy bonus for the Skill of the Gladiators spell on Battler has been reduced.

– Players shapechanged by the Band of Stars will no longer be able to right-click remove the effect.

– The Scepter’s Boon spell on the Scepter of the Meritorious will no longer be cancelled when pulsing spells are cancelled. It will also no longer be displayed in the Bonuses window.

– The Ethereal Phoebus Harp can now be equipped in the Ranged slot.

– The Malice weapon proc on the Malice’s Axe artifact has been changed to debuff a percentage of the target’s buffed stats.

– The Traitor’s Dagger now has a higher chance to proc the level five spell. Additionally, the summoned vampiric mist now has an increased chance to cast its lifetap.

Item Notes

– The Rod of Kepa (Midgard) is now set to the correct dps.

– The constitution bonus on the Lightning Etched Mail Hauberk (Midgard) is now correctly set to 15.

– The intelligence bonus on the Shadow-bound Pants (Midgard) has been changed to piety.

– The Wind-dance Lute (Hibernia) is now equippable by bards.

– The Belt of the Clouds (All Realms) has had an Arrow Damage bonus added, to bring it to a more appropriate level.

– Azar’s Defense (Albion) will now appear to be a small shield, instead of a studded helm.

– The Bow of the Whispering Wind (Midgard) will now drop with a slower attack speed. Existing bows will not be changed.

– The Bow of Silent Oblivion (Midgard) will now drop with a slower attack speed. Existing bows will not be changed.

– (Pendragon Only) The Bow of the Whispering Wind (Albion) has been adjusted to be consistent with established bow speeds. This change only applies to newly dropped versions of the bow.

– The Bows of the Blaze (All Realms), Bows of the Chasm (All Realms), and the Bows of the Depths (All Realms) have had their bonuses adjusted to be more beneficial to archers.

– The Magma Infused Defender shield (All Realms) has had its proc changed so that it is triggered when the shield is used as a weapon.

– Abstrusus Gantelet (Albion) now increases piety and dexterity, instead of intelligence and strength.

– Future drops of the Albion caster version of the Storm Struck Staff should drop with the correct magic bonus. This change does not apply retroactively to existing staves, but players with a 0% bonus staff can still have the magic bonus applied by an NPC enchanter.

– The Star of Destiny should now follow group and battlegroup loot rules.


– The Bane Merchants and the Potion, Tincture, & Enchantment Vendors now have a random chance of saying their idle chatter to players instead of saying it every time.

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