Camelot Patch Notes

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.67h Test Release Notes

January 08, 2004



– Chants/songs modified by Radiant Aura (lvl 10 ability of Crocodile’s Tear Ring) to affect all realm-mates within range no longer spam spell effects to all possible targets each pulse. It should now only show spell effects on the caster, on the initial cast.

– Sphere of Rejuvenation and Font of Power have been changed so that multiple wards of the same type will no longer have a stacking effect. Additionally, these fields have been set to return the maximum healing or power values with every tick, with no variance. This makes this ability more consistent with other Master Level Abilities wards and storms.

– Fixed a bug with the Arch Magery bonus that exists on Traldor’s Oracle and other artifacts. This bonus should now correctly reduce the target’s resist by the listed amount. Please note that this only works against resist bonuses that are granted to a target from items (such as spell crafted armor or jewelry).

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