Camelot Patch Notes

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.67c Test Release Notes

December 10, 2003



– Necromancers who are shapechanged no longer lose the shapechange when summoning a shade.

– Spells modified by Radiant Aura artifact ability now last more than one pulse.

– Players can now use /bountyrent on personal houses with alternate characters on the same account as the character that owns the house. As a result of this change, the rent token merchants will be disabled in the future once this ability is on live servers.

– The Egg of Youth artifact had several bugs preventing it from working as designed. These bugs were fixed and the effect altered. The artifact’s ability now costs no power to cast and will resurrect up to a maximum of 8 realmmates within 1000 radius. This is a retroactive change.

– We have fixed a problem that could cause +all spell skill bonus items to give double the intended bonus on certain skills.


– The group window and mini-group window now show the additional following states by changing the affected player’s name to the following colors: mesmerized (cyan), diseased (orange), and poisoned (green). This functionality is present in Classic, Isles, and Trials of Atlantis clients.

– Custom windows now remember their position, alpha, and font alpha settings.

– (Pendragon Only) The LFG window and Group Results window now remember their position, alpha, and font alpha settings.


Item Notes

– The duplicate Strength bonus on the Vengeance Shield (Midgard) has been changed to Dexterity.


Item Notes

– Animists can now activate the Cloudsong Artifact.

– The amount of experience required to level the following artifacts has been reduced: Fool’s Bow, Crown of Zahur, Scepter of the Meritorious, Battler, Tartaro’s Gift, Snatcher, Ceremonial Bracers and Band of Stars. This is a retroactive change.

– The Intelligence Score Cap bonus on the Stone of Atlantis (Midgard) had been changed to a Piety Score Cap bonus.

– Storm Struck Great Axe now has the correct Axe skill bonus.

– Lightning Embossed Studded Helm now uses enamels instead of leather dyes.

– Sleeves of Silent Oblivion (Hibernia) now has a bonus to Intelligence instead of Piety.

– The Empathy Cap Bonus on the Water-worn Gauntlets (Hibernia) has been changed to an Acuity Stat bonus.

– The Intelligence Stat and Intelligence Cap bonuses on the Sea Rotted Club were changed to Acuity Stat and Acuity Cap bonuses.

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