Camelot Patch Notes (Live)

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot
Live Version 1.66h Release Notes
November 13, 2003



– Summoned wood will work for upgrading keep doors.

– Necromancers in shade form can now use siege weapons, but only if their pet is right next to them.

– Necromancers in shade form can now repair doors, but only if their pet is right next to them.

– Dead members of battlegroups will now receive quest and kill credit as long someone in the battlegroup gets credit, if the monster is set up to give battlegroup credit. This will primarily effect Atlantis encounters at this time.

– Items that add to the stat cap for acuity now actually do so.

– Items that add to the stat cap for any casting stat (acuity or specific) now add to the owner’s power pool if their casting stat is raised as a result of raising the stat cap.

– When a monster is considered, a message is now displayed telling you if master level experience can be gained by killing that monster.

– Spellcrafters and Alchemists have been granted 1 point in Siegecrafting. Note that this is not “full” siegecraft – spellcrafters and alchemists will not be able to raise their siegecraft skill as high as other crafts. This change in our approach to siegecraft and Spellcrafters and Alchemists allows them to utilize the new Master Abilities, while still allowing us to add additional siege related abilities to these crafts in the future.


Prescience Node was designed to add additional risk to stealthed enemies in the node’s area of effect, without making the stealther immediately open to attacks. The following changes have been made to Prescience Node in order to more accurately reflect the original intent of the ability.

– Enemies revealed by Prescience Node should no longer be attackable through ranged attacks nor should it be possible to send a pet to attack them. Area effect spells should still work as they would on any stealthed target.

– Prescience Node has been updated with a more appropriate object that is easier to see and target.

– Prescience Node radius has been adjusted down to 1000.


– Players can now switch their Master Level track by using an item that every “final” Trial encounter boss monster has a chance of dropping.


Quests- General

– We have changed the following encounter monsters to give quest credit to an entire battlegroup: Legion, Green Maw, and the Ellyl seer.


Quests- General

– We have changed the following encounter monster to give quest credit to an entire battlegroup: Abomos the Soultrapper, Scurceol Hyrde, Marfoirwort, Cronwort, Fuilwort, and Tachtwort.

Item Notes

– The number of magical item drops from Mortufoghus (Midgard) and Spirit of Lord Emthoro (Albion) has been increased to a more appropriate amount.


Story Scrolls

– Clues have been added to the following uncombined scrolls to indicate which artifact a particular scroll is related to: Eirene’s Journal, Alvarus’ Letters, Bellona’s Diary, Kalare’s Memoirs, Advisor’s Log, Tyrus’ Epic Poem, Dysis’ Tablet, Adnes’ Letters, Mariasha’s Wall, the Fish Scales, Wooden Triptych, Spear’s History, King’s Vase, Marricus’ Journal, Julea’s Story, Loukas’ Journal, Vara’s Medical Log, King Kiron’s Notes, Tarin’s Animal Skin, Carved Tablet, A Love Story, Damyon’s Journal, and the Champion’s Notes.

Oceanus Quests

Origins of the Harpies

– All pieces received from the harpies for the sidequest are now stackable.

– Keywords and interaction lines have been added so that players who go linkdead or logout are able to recover the NPC dialogue.

– Riranwyn will now tell players about Alaeth for the sidequest.

Priceless Antiques

– Nydimeth will now reference all scholars, lorekeepers and sages as researchers.

– Luscire Raysano will now hit slower, but for more damage.

– [Safe] has been removed as a keyword in Branigan’s text.

– The quest journal for step 8 will now tell players to hand the chest into Nydimeth first.

Broken Communications

– The search area for the scattered shipwreck bits has been changed. Players will no longer be able to /search on the top of the water for the pieces.

– There have been interaction lines and keywords added to various parts of the quest journal and the NPCs so players who go linkdead or logout are able to recover the NPC dialogue.

Stygia Quests

Marauding Bandits

– Relion will now give better directions to the sobekite marauder camp.

– The sobekite marauder will now cast on players before running.

– Various interaction lines and keywords have been added to the NPCs and the quest journal so players who go linkdead or logout are able to recover the NPC dialogue.

Volcanus Quests

Magical Ingredients

– Alchemist Yilanna now properly references the (fiery orb) instead of the (fiery essence)

– All turn in quest related items have been capitalized for easier identification.

– Alchemist Yilanna should now give better directions to the beach where players need to /search for the dried seaweed.

– Various interaction lines and keywords have been added to the NPC and the quest journal so players who go linkdead or logout are able to recover the NPC dialogue.

Oceanus Encounters

– Staff of the God: Jagger shark AI has been improved to counter a potential exploit.

– The Monument: Fixed a problem where incorrect messages were being displayed that a player had moved off one of the five pads.

– Belt of the Sun: This encounter will now give proper credit upon completion.

– Belt of the Moon: This encounter will now give proper credit upon completion.

Stygia Encounters

– Snake Charmer’s Weapon: The reward text has been changed to match the object given upon completion.

– Snake Charmer’s Weapon: The snake charmer will no longer be attackable prior to his walk.

Volcanus Encounters

– Azar has been adjusted slightly to better meet the target difficulty of her encounter.


Sobekite Eternal

– The mechanism that Runihura uses to count the number of players in different locations in the room to fire off the spike traps has been revamped. It would often over-count the number of players in a given location inside of the temple thus Runihura would fire the spike traps where he shouldn’t normally. The counts will now be accurate. Be warned that he will still fire the traps off where there are clusters of players inside of the temple.

Temple of Twilight

– Credit for the “Glowing Barracuda” quest should now correctly be given upon the death of the barracuda. Players who have not received credit can kill the barracuda again to be given credit correctly.

– The Darid Gremna Eel stomach should now drop more frequently.

Item Notes

– The effective ranges of the Artifact ability “Stealth Lore” have been slightly reduced.

– The clouded jewel that drops from the minor dust janni should now sell to NPC merchants for the appropriate price.

– The following shields will no longer allow emblems due to their unique model:
Sinovia’s Protector, Sinovia’s Block, Sinovia’s Shield, Antioos’ Protector, Antioos’ Block, Antioos’ Shield, Qebehsenuef’s Shield of Dread, Shield of Silent Oblivion, Imsety’s Shield of Dread, Hapy’s Shield of Dread, Magma Infused Buckler, Magma Infused Heater Shield, Magma Infused Defender, Enchanted Runed Defender, Golden Runed Defender, Mystic Runed Defender

– The Embedded Scale Vest (Hibernia) now increases dexterity and dexterity stat cap instead of piety and piety stat cap.

– The Clerical Mace of Sand (Albion) now increases enhancements instead of enchantments.

– Valewalkers should no longer receive haste procs on unique items.

– The Sand-edged Moon Claw (Midgard) now increases score cap dexterity in place of a duplicate score cap strength bonus.

– Laodameia’s Bow (Albion) should now increase longbow skill.

– Newly dropped Gale, Chasm, Depths, and Blaze weapons (such as the Hammer of the Gale, Hammer of the Chasm, etc.) have been changed to a more level appropriate sell value.

– Cynere`s Rough Skin now correctly equips as a helm.

– The weapon procs on the Fiery Defender Shields for Albion and Hibernia have been changed to reactive procs.

– The +Staff skill on the Dreadfin Dire Hammer has been changed to +Hammer.

– The second Spirit resist on the Eye of Bast has been changed to Energy resist.

– Ancient Forged Vest for Berserkers will use the proper Atlantis graphics.

– Midgard’s version of the studded Cinder Tainted Sleeves has been changed to use +Melee Skill All.

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