Camelot Hot Fixes Galore

Mythic’s Sanya Thomas stopped by the Camelot Herald to report several different “hot fixes” that went live in DAoC over the past couple of days. The first set is here, with a full rip to follow:



Temple of Twilight

– Defeating Medusa will now properly finish Master Level 3 if players have completed all the trial 3 subtrials. Players with the incorrect step listed in their journal for “The Gathering of Energy” quest will no longer be prevented from finishing the trial.

Item Notes

– Braggart’s Bow may now gain experience by slaying any type of Atlantean snake.

– Stealth Lore is now a duration effect. The ability is no longer permanently on.

– The Tempestuous, Lithic, Benthic, and Pyroclasmic Magus Staves (All Realms) are now able to be recharged. The charged effects on these staves have also had their range increased to standard direct damage range.

– The Tempestuous, Lithic, Benthic, and Pyroclasmic Recurve Bows (Hibernia) and Composite Bows (Midgard) have had their current spells replaced with the intended, lower damaging spells already in use by the Long Bow (Albion) versions.

You can also check out the second and third sets for even more Trials of Atlantis fixes.

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