Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

Mythic’s Sanya Thomas has once again posted her weekly Grab Bag Q&A on the Camelot Herald, this time addressing questions about new trophy mobs, the rearranged zones, and more. An excerpt to follow:

Q: Any chance of more information about the new titles?

A: What we posted in the notes is all we’re releasing for now, because there’s a sizable number of players who actually enjoy being surprised. Mind you, we’ve learned the “fun” way that people like being surprised by loot and titles, not game mechanics, so don’t extrapolate this answer out too far. But as far as this one little thing goes, I won’t put the full “X kills equals Y title” chart up until players have had a chance to discover them. At the rate some of our more bloodthirsty players like to kill, I expect I’ll be able to post that chart before I have to break out the sunscreen.

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