Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

Mythic’s Sanya Thomas has once again posted her weekly Grab Bag Q&A on the Camelot Herald. This week, she addresses questions about the guild autopromote feature, realm ability respecs, and more. An excerpt:

Q: I am a new player, and I don’t understand some of your comments in the grab bag. For that matter, what the heck is a grab bag?

A: A grab bag question about the grab bag. There’s something funny about that. Here are some definitions and a short list of the (in jokes):

Grab Bag I used to try and do a weekly feature about the topic that garnered the most questions over each week. The fourth week of this, I had a week where the questions didn’t fit a theme, so I titled the column (Grab Bag.) It stuck. That was in December of 2001.

Cheese dip I was a game volunteer for another company in another lifetime. I had a habit of saying (more fun than cheese dip,) and the other volunteers would tease me for it. It’s just a shout out to those old comrades, and a reminder to myself to not get too far up on my high horse.

Slushy ice, fruit juice, and secret ingredients mixed in a blender at high speed. Often enjoyed on Fridays by responsible adults over twenty one who have designated drivers.

Item Princess one of our item designers and implementers, the much beloved KC.

Item Mistress another item designer, the equally beloved Yvonne.

Moderately Evil Overlord the live producer, Walt aka Copper.

The Really Evil Overlord the executive producer, Matt Firor.

Quest Goddess several ladies on the quest team have this title, really, but most often it’s our fabulous Jennifer H.

Balance Boy Mike, aka Mackey, currently doing work on the design team, and serving as the design team’s liason to the Herald women. Heaven help all four of us.

Typing Chimpanzee me 😛

Miss Julie, Miss Linda the other members of the Herald team. Miss Julie handles community news and hangs out on the Vault (and recently has taken on several feedback folders), and Miss Linda is our Team Lead coordinator and den mother.

Code Warrior one of the programmers, Scott, who wrote many of the features of the Camelot Herald before moving over to the server programming team. He still slums with us when something falls down and goes boom, and answers code questions.

Dan the Client Man one of the programmers, cleverly named Dan, who does client programming and answers questions for me related to that.

Miss Georgia the programmer who wrote the rest of the Herald features and current web programmer, among other coding duties.

There are probably other people I’ve got silly names for, but they don’t come up much in the column.

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