Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

Mythic’s Sanya Thomas has once again posted her weekly Grab Bag Q&A on the Camelot Herald. This week, she addresses several questions about the 1.69 guild challenge, infiltrator respecs, and more. An excerpt:

Q: I was participating in a card game/dice game/game of chance, and lost all my gold. Can your CSRs get it back for me?

A: Am I the only one who finds it deeply, deeply funny and yet deeply, deeply bizarre and disturbing that we have CASINOS operating within DAOC? Anyway, here’s the deal with the gold or anything else you might bet you have to trade with another player to give them gold (and all other items). All trades are FINAL in our game. Don’t complete a trade with another player with anything you’re not willing to lose forever. (And if that gambling problem of yours bleeds into the real world, please, as a friend in that creepy online way, I beg you – get help before it costs you more than virtual gold.)

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