Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

Mythic’s Sanya Thomas has written up another Grab Bag Q&A on the Camelot Herald. This week, she answers questions about changing character names, moving characters between accounts, how long until a character is deleted after an account is cancelled, and more. A snippet:

Q: Instead of actually using my bow artifact, I used two other weapons in my weapons slots, and kept the artifact bow in the two hand slot, thus not causing any con loss. To my surprise, it levels up
even when I don’t use it. Is this working as intended?

A: There are several reasons why this is all right. For example, changing it would make leveling up an artifact bow prohibitively difficult. After all, bow users typically pull monsters to them with the bow before switching to melee to finish the monster off. It’s just as you said later in your letter something nifty. Thanks for checking, though, I appreciate it.

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