Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

Mythic’s Sanya Thomas has written up another Grab Bag Q&A on the Camelot Herald. This week, she answers questions about banning cheaters, booting players out of your house, the unique object generator, and more. A snippet:

Q: I heard that you were putting in a “search vendor” feature for the next patch. I’m looking for specific armor sets and would like to know whose porch I should go to. So, is it true?

A: Yes, the search vendor feature is scheduled for 1.64 (as in, no promises, but we’re working on it right now). The search feature will work zone wide for each housing zone. (Each server has nine housing zones, and will soon have twelve.) So, just as in real life, if you don’t like the selection at one mall, head over to the mall in the next county and see what they’ve got to offer. Twelve shopping areas should make for an interesting variety!

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