Call of Duty Mobile is Surprisingly Good

I never thought I would be typing an article about a mobile game because I’ve never really played games on my mobile phone, sure I play Pokémon Go now and then but that’s about it. Pokémon Go changes the gameplay formula to set it on mobile but when it comes to Call of Duty Mobile which keeps the entire Call of Duty gameplay intact and ports it to mobile I wont lie I thought it would be miserable but boy was I wrong.

I was browsing around YouTube and saw some new videos about YouTubers playing Call of Duty Mobile with thumbnails with big smiles and wowed faces, so I got curious and ended up watching some videos. Those videos got me curious. Now let me get it out of the way I’ve never been a COD fan, I’m a super casual player that played now and then that’s about all.

COD Mobile is free so of course there was nothing to lose accept some time so I downloaded the game and started a match. And I played for 3 hours straight. Yup, that’s how good this thing plays and feels. the sounds, controls and feel of COD is all here, it could possibly be the best feeling FPS on a mobile yet.

And let me take some time to talk about the visuals, holy supply drop! the visuals are amazing. I couldn’t believe I was playing on a mobile phone and every match made me go “Wow” now and then.

The feel of this game is something that you have to try on your own, so if you’re into FPS shooters or are a COD fan then you should be downloading this game as you read this article. It’s that good.

One of my favorite things about this game is the “Blackout” mode. Yes this mobile COD even has a battle Royale just like Blackout. Its crazy. The mode feels just like the Blackout mode on PC and consoles and that blew my mind. COD mobile deserves a try from all of us so try it out, its free after all, plus the microtransactions are definitely not needed to win any matches.

COD Mobile is a high quality mobile game that uplifts the COD name on this platform. All modes including blackout are a hell of a lot fun because the game is so smooth and technically flawless, at least on my phone it is.

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Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan

Maruf Hasan, mixed Middle Eastern, grew up in Florida, but still doesn’t like the sun. Currently living in Malaysia perusing a degree in Animation. He’s been a fan of video games since he started with Pokémon Red and pays a lot of attention to the music and art style because that’s what he loves most about them. Totally a story-oriented gamer and totally a Nintendo fan boy, The Legend of Zelda is his favorite series and will be until the sun burns out.

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