Brian Fargo Interview

GameSpy has conducted an interview with InXile’s Brian Fargo, quizzing the former Interplay CEO about his upcoming Bard’s Tale game (among other things). A snippet:

Q: Do you potentially have access to any other IP from Interplay’s past, or be interested in working on it?

A: Well normally I wouldn’t comment on it, but because of the public records of it … We’ve also secured the Wasteland trademark. And there’s no issues with that. That was actually kind of a funny story. Konami got the Wasteland mark and I went to Konami and asked what they were doing with it. They were using it as one of their umpteen-million Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, like Wasteland Rick or something crazy like that. And I said “Can I use it?” and they said “Oh no, we want to use it as one of our many characters.” And finally they decided that they’re really not going to exploit it anymore so they let the mark lapse and I stepped in and filed it and now it’s been granted to me. So obviously that’s the way I was hoping EA would behave, which may or may not be the case. I’ll know in the next two or three weeks.

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