Borderlands E3 Preview

E3 previews of Gearbox’s Borderlands continue to surface on the ‘net, with the most recent coming at us from NZGamer.

You can choose from one of four characters, all of which fulfill a different archetype, from melee classes to healers. Regardless of who you are, you’ll be able to find all manner of different weapons, armour, and other useful things. It’s a surprisingly deep system that wouldn’t look out of place in an RPG. Likewise, your character sports a whole heap of stats that can be upgraded however you see fit. Skill trees allow you to grow your character in one of several ways, giving you access to whole new abilities.

The world itself is a combination of open travel and side quests, and a linear main quest. There are apparently three distinct areas to explore, all of which you can return to at any time. Vehicles will help you get around, as will fast-travel points that let you return to various hot spots. Four-player co-op is strongly encouraged this is a game that you’ll like a lot more if you’ve got friends alongside you for the ride.

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