Borderlands 3 Players Can Support Front Line Workers in Game

Gearbox announced on Monday their initiative to support essential healthcare professionals on the Covid-19 crisis front lines, by allowing Borderlands 3 players to do the same.  Players of Borderlands 3 can now donate $5 to Covid-19 relief through Direct Relief by using the Gearbox merchandise store.

What’s more, Gearbox is giving every player that donates in this way an in-game reward mask for their kindness by providing them with a SHiFT code when they make their donation.  This code unlocks a unique facial cosmetic called an “Antisocial Mask” for use on their characters.  The cosmetic is basically the same kind of mask most folk are out wearing these days, so players can keep their favorite Borderlands 3 character safe too!

Borderlands 3 Bounty Covid 19 Mask Mask

Donations from players help Direct Relief to procure protective medical supplies for front line healthcare professionals.  In a recent news release, Thomas Tighe, President and CEO of Direct Relief stated:

“This campaign and these contributions are coming at a critical time in the pandemic.  While states are opening, we continue to see surges in the spread of Coronavirus and there is still a need to provide PPE for frontline healthcare workers. Direct Relief is deeply grateful to Gearbox for its partnership.”

Players can donate right now by visiting the Gearbox merchandise store.  They can also, if they are so inclined, pick up their own real life Gearbox reusable cloth face masks at the store as well.

Borderlands 3 Bounty Covid 19 Mask Model

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