Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Update #29

The latest Kickstarter update for GrapeOcean Technologies’ upcoming RPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness shares a short story and a piece of music in an attempt to introduce us to one of the game’s more unusual consumable items – the Draught of Remembrance. Here are the opening paragraphs and you take it from there:

Ho there adventurers,

It’s been a busy month here as we work on adding new content to the game. We wanted to give our backers a little taste of what we’ve been doing and a feel for Yerengal. The following story and music are to give all our backers a chance to imagine the Garden of Delights and better understand the game world. An item we’ve recently added to the game is highlighted, and we hope players will enjoy the way it fits into a quest they will encounter in the Rillow’s pleasure palace. Step for a moment into the Garden of Delights and try to remember…

The red moon rose over the horizon, and Ambros watched it come. The sun had not quite set, and he imagined that somewhere off to the west he could hear the echoes of battle. Blood turns the moon red, they say. It pools in the corners of the world, and the moon bathes in the carnage before rolling across the sky, searching in delight for the source of violence. The young man thoughtfully leaned back and sipped his spiced brandy. The moon, it seemed, would have much to revel over in the coming years. Isilmerald had split, and these skirmishes were only the beginning.

Around him, the smoke smelled less like the destruction out west and more like amber and lilacs. Between the strands of incense floating from the censers, the open courtyard thrummed with casual words and a low, insistent drum beat. Dancers of varying races moved gracefully through the café tables, their colorful, transparent clothes brushing against patrons’ skin as they passed (accidentally of course!) and their perfume mixing perfectly with the scented air. Ambros tried not to marvel. He’d grown up hearing about the Rillow and their decadence, but seeing it first-hand in the Garden itself? More than a little distracting. He needed to keep his head clear for what came next, he thought, as he set down his third empty glass.

Unaware of their source at first, he felt someone’s soft fingers snake into his. Ambros jumped in surprise and looked up to see the loveliest girl in Yerengal (surely!) smiling at him from under a laced purple veil. “Hu’dai will see you now,” the girl cooed, tightening her grasp slightly. Forgetting why he was there, the young man let himself be led between tables of laughing dwarves and whispering elves, over a puddle of sticky wine and through a silk curtain. Not until the girl released his hand and left his side was the spell broken. He blinked a few times in confusion.

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