Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Party Banter Update Available

The latest post-launch update for GrapeOcean Technologies’ isometric RPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness expands the game’s companion interactions and some of their quests, adds a staff of resurrection, introduces a bunch of new Steam achievements, and more.

Here are the patch notes:

Ho there, adventurers!

As we continue our post-launch push to improve on all that you’ve asked, we’ve delivered two recent updates that deliver key requests: additional party banter and achievements.

Alongside this, we’ve added the Staff of New Dawn (an item offering resurrection) which sees those who carry it no longer needing to visit temples if a party member dies. We’ve also finished and extended the Hamlin, Bjalla and Jade companion quests. Take a look at the full notes below.

  • Tons of mini-banters added
  • Finished/extended the Hamlin, Bjalla and Jade companion quests
  • 37 new Steam achievements added (the Arvex one can’t be completed yet)
  • Aldnar cutscene (with potential battle) now respects your party formation
  • Multiselect item highlights in shops now disappear properly when switching item category
  • Quest inventory is now shared across party members
  • Items can now be moved to subcontainers (e,g, bottomless bags) via usual inventory “lift & drop” operation (there is no need to open the container UI any longer)
  • Added tutorials for infusion, world greed, Gerdra encounter, and point-of-no-return in Alastor
  • There are now five HP indicator labels (uninjured, slightly injured, injured, badly injured, nearly dead)
  • Minor chain lightning no longer harms party members and allies
  • Changed house name from “Family Home” to “Wilgo’s House” for Estranged Sisters quest
  • Dozens of fixes in quests and dialogues
  • Staff of New Dawn (an item offering resurrection) added to Zelima and Ay’eda shops
  • Deron-Guld soldiers are no longer hostile after you side with Aldnar
  • Banter texts remain visible for longer times over characters for better readability
  • World Map tutorial now appears correctly when leaving Crone’s Hut
  • Consumable item descriptions are now always displayed correctly
  • Gundemund’s Freezing Tips now have proper AoE targeting marker
  • Gerdra messenger cutscene can no longer get stuck
  • Stunned or frozen creatures can no longer evade attacks
  • Wights in Xurzax battle were put closer so that they can notice the party
  • The Pact Prophecy can no longer be put back to its container
  • Fixed missing wardstone description image

As always and for all of you who continue to support Black Geyser and who continue to provide feedback here or on Discord, thank you so much!

/Black Geyser Team

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