Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness New Update & Future Roadmap

GrapeOcean Technologies brings us a new update for their isometric CRPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. Among other things, it tweaks the multiclassing formula, adds new inventory-expanding bags, and rebalances certain encounters. Beyond that, we get a quick overview of all the stuff on the team’s to-do list. This includes a more player-friendly quest journal, even more bags, strongholds, and much more.

Here’s the full list:

Ho there, adventurers!

In March, after a hugely positive Early Access period, we launched Black Geyser into 1.0. We were incredibly proud to have addressed many of the issues that players raised and our small team did our best to identify and fix key concerns. While the game wasn’t perfect and there remains plenty to accomplish, we’re glad to see that our continued efforts have seen our recent raft of reviews vastly improve player perceptions.

We’ve still a long way to go to get the game where we want it to be and have been working hard on not only our next update but also our future roadmap. In last week’s update, we added the Pass Time feature alongside other improvements. Where today’s update is concerned, there’s quite a lot of improvements that many of you have requested (full changelog here):

  • You can now use the worldmap to travel to reachable areas without the need to visit area border
  • Multiclassing is more worthwhile: previously, XP requirements of chosen classes were summed for multiclassing. These XP sums are now reduced by 20% for using two classes, and 40% for using three classes, making multiclassing more fun.
  • Magical bags for additional item storage: Bottomless Bag of Bulguras and Superabundant Sack of Swinishness
  • Rebalanced final battle and the ability to pre-buff before most key battles

Besides this and before the end of the month we’ll also be adding the following (with more to come):

  • 37 brand-new Steam achievements
  • Dozens of new banters for party members
  • Finished (extended) companion quests for Bjalla, Jade and Hamlin
  • Dozens of side quests fixes

As far as our mid-term plans are concerned – and some of these may arrive before the end of the month – we’re wanting to further expand on our quest journal and travel system. These changes will include:

  • Quest journal mentions the quest giver name and location
  • Quest journal offers a button to travel directly to quest giver (allows a single loading screen instead of multiple loading screens across outdoor and indoor areas)
  • Customize the shortcut for ingame highlights (currently, it’s hardcoded to the TAB key)
  • Compare a weapon item to both equipped weapon sets (three-tooltip comparison)
  • Potion Case, Ingredient Pouch and Parchment Satchel item to hold potions, ingredients, scrolls and recipes

Finally, our long term plans are very much in the works and while we don’t yet have a firm date on when they’ll arrive, we’ll have them to you as soon as possible.

  • Finished (extended) companion quest for Arvex
  • Customizable ability bar by player
  • Item descriptions will list the classes that can use the item
  • Pets
  • Strongholds
  • More spells
  • More love for unarmed combat (such as items giving a bonus)
  • Two-handed weapon style
  • Flails
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Game OST as an independent asset
  • Revising many fetch quests to make them more complex and interesting
  • Additional, complex side quests
  • Create a full party during character creation
  • Savegame file compression to reduce disk space usage
  • Modding support (including the possibility to lift class restrictions of races)
  • Additional localizations (translations) of the game

For everyone who has joined us on this journey and continues to support Black Geyser we’re incredibly grateful and we look forward to you diving into these latest updates.

/Black Geyser Team

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