Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness New Patch Now Live

The latest patch for GrapeOcean Technologies’ isometric CRPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness introduces a new feature that allows you to “Pass Time” outside of inns. It also, as one would expect from a patch, fixes a number of miscellaneous issues.

Here are the patch notes:

Ho there, adventurers!

Having released our latest update we’re pleased to say that a key community requested component has been added: Pass Time.

The Pass Time feature allows your party to wait an arbitrary amount of time, rather than time passing in real-time. It’s particularly useful when you need to wait due to a quest or want to change the time of day (day or night) and you don’t want to visit an inn. Like anything in Black Geyser, it’s down to you whether you choose to use this, or avoid it completely.

Besides this we’ve made additional improvements to brewing and drying, enemy encounters, loot and sounds. As always, you can visit our stream of update notes here.

Patch Notes

  • New feature: Pass Time
  • Jade is now properly bound to the wheel
  • Several items (including throwing weapons) were rebalanced to be stronger
  • Quest items can no longer be transferred to a container in the loot window
  • Comparison tooltips now correctly show the Base Block Chance in both sides
  • Lower interruption chance is now marked with green in comparison tooltips
  • Completed quest filter checkbox now retains its setting
  • Month names and historical year established
  • The Brewing & Drying UI now has correct sound effects
  • Hitting Sir Dalnor no longer makes whole Isilbright hostile
  • Added camera shake to Blood and Ice Elemental hits
  • Alenar no longer takes more than one enerant bark from party
  • Increased damage of ordinary and plagued ghouls
  • Second level of Alastor now has correct Blood Elemental version
  • Mistress Tyrenne and her acolytes now attack the party after dialogue
  • Fixed the price of Duskmarble and Star-Spangled Greatshield
  • Fixed Teamster dialogue after ambush
  • Claudio and Bonitia are now present in their house all the time
  • Removed gold loot from Abyssal Hunters at Grandmaster Argos Agelas
  • Crimson Wraith XP value increased to 500
  • Summoned Wights now have the proper undead specific immunities
  • Fixed the race of Wights and Posessed Robes (from Wraith to Revenant)
  • Krag has now a soundset that fits his personality
  • Tenebrous Grove travel marker added to minimap
  • Added loot to many Crimson Crossing containers
  • Iwor now holds a giant hammer instead of a spiked club

The Black Geyser Team

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