Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness – French Translation Released

Originally announced last month, the update translating GrapeOcean Technologies’ isometric CRPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness into French is now live, thanks to the efforts of one Vincent “Goat Buster” Lagaillarde. And beyond just that, the update also adds a number of new spellcasting chants for your companions, fixes certain, previously faulty, calculations, and deals with some other assorted issues.

Here are the patch notes:

Ho there, adventurers!

We are thrilled to announce that Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness is now available in French! Our heartfelt thanks goes to Vincent “Goat Buster” Lagaillarde for the French translation of the game.

Since our last update, several fixes and improvements have been implemented as well. You can read their list below.

Latest Changes

  • Added French localization
  • Enabled unique spellcasting chants for companions
  • Corrected Interrupt Strength and Interrupt Evasion calculations
  • High Interrupt Evasion characters can now tolerate a lot more hits
  • When casting identical spells on a target, now all instances take effect instead of just one
  • Sling weapon models are now always positioned correctly
  • Duration scaling based on class and level is now calculated correctly
  • Heal over time effects now work correctly
  • Duration scaling introduced for Healing Mist and Verdant Growth
  • Healing Mist and Verdant Growth now restore less Health per turn compared to single target heals
  • Adjusted the damage and scaling of damage over time effects
  • Item comparison tooltips now appear correctly both in the Inventory and the Shop UI
  • Available Special Ability points are now correctly displayed during level-up
  • Dorb won’t spawn multiple times anymore
  • Hamlin no longer disappears after becoming hostile in his first quest
  • Arvex’s final quest cannot get stuck after sparing Siracca anymore
  • Volendir no longer appears later in the game if he was killed before
  • The mound of sand in Freynagar now also contains Moist Sand
  • Jury Rigged Golems no longer engage instantly upon entering the area
  • Corrected marker positions for all areas on the world map
  • Each animal in Scofarth now only drops a single instance of Animal Pelt
  • Isla’s staff is now identified by default
  • Trapped Jade’s dialogue now starts correctly when approached by companions

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The Black Geyser Team

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