BioWare Interview

GameSpy was lucky enough to track down Marc Holmes of BioWare for one of their “Art of Gaming” interviews. You get to learn lots of good stuff about the man (whose art is absolutely awesome) and get some more of that can’t-get-enough information about Neverwinter Nights:

    GameSpy: How would you describe Neverwinter Night’s art style?

    Marc Holmes: “Amazing” of course. Our game engine gets better ever day, and our landscape modelers are making some really cool stuff. Our game art is quite stylized in many ways — that’s part of the nature of 3D. We borrow a lot from Japanese Manga, but we take a lot from historical designs and reference material as well, and of course the stylin’ 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons artwork we get from Todd Lockwood and the guys at Wizards of the Coast. The architecture of the city and rural areas is very detailed. We had a goal at the outset to be able to do crowded narrow streets full of scum and villainy — I think we’re getting pretty close.

If you’re a BioWare fanatic (like all of us), you’ll want to check out the rest of the interview by clicking here.

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